Frequently Asked Questions

After 200-300 hours of usage or when it becomes visibly dirty or air flow is restricted.
Fully charged, Easy Flow lasts up to 12 hours.
Yes, Easy Flow works with any respirator making it more effective, dryer, and comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time.
Without an Easy Flow most respirators become moist and attract dirt and bacteria. With Easy Flow fresh filtered air, your respirator will remain dry and last longer.
Yes, Easy Flow comes with the latest technology for lithium batteries, the same technology used in Tesla vehicles. A USB charger cable is also provided in your EasyFlow Kit.
Easy Flow has three speeds, first hold the button down to turn on, it is now on low. Press the button again, now it is on medium. Press the button once again, now it is on high. Hold the button down for a few seconds and it will turn off.
There are many different ways you can wear your Easy Flow: You can wear it connected to your belt, with a lanyard around the neck, clipped to your pocket or collar, have the Hose run underneath your clothing, flip the lanyard to your backside to stay out of the way of your arms while working, connect it with a magnet to your respirator or attach it directly to your respirator.

When working in a sterile environment where the HEPA Filter is not visibly dirty, you can take the filter out, lightly spray with alcohol, and let it dry over night. This will kill bacteria and allow extended use of your filter.

Yes, Easy Flow comes with a 6 months manufacturer defect warranty.