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Firstly, I would like to say that this company is excellent , all the way from the products to the customer service. I am a medical professional, in the front lines so to speak, of this pandemic. I rely very heavily on this excellent product. I have tried other products that are similar, but by far this easy flow is the best. I did have some mechanical issues with the product and it was replaced immediately. I even spoke with the CEO, Sarah, who was helpful and congenial. I recommend this product, Easy Flow, highly. It has been my lifesaver!! Mitchell by D. Claire, PA Otorhinolaryngology/Allergy. on 2021-02-01

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Thank you,
I can breathe. I just have to place it so that the air doesn’t blow directly to my nose because it is too much air. I accidentally broke a small piece of the plastic attachment but I just put tape.
by Yolanda D. on 2020-05-10

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I love the easy flow fresh air any where. It makes it much easy to wear my face mask for long periods of time. I saw all my co-worker with it and they love it, so they help me decide to buy. Glad I decided to by your product.

by Nilene M. on 2020-05-26

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“Purchased this for myself, because of my type of work and being around people, very happy with it, it’s nice not having my glasses fogging up. Highly recommend!!

by David L. on 2020-06-11

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I purchased this one for my mom and she loves it. It’s hard to breathe and it’s hot just wearing the mask. She likes the fresh air and the coolness Easy Flow gives her. Thank you for a wonderful product .

by Candace E. on 2020-06-13

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Masks are not a political statement but if they were I would vote for EASYFLOW every time.

I am a 70 year old, recovered Pericarditis (heart) patient doing in home sales 50 times a month. At home I have auto-immune compromised children. Easyflow and its FDA accredited lab result report gives me the confidence to make a living with reasonable confidence.

My brother is a great shopper and found a similar device for less money and bought four. Three did not work and the fourth has a short battery life. My EasyFlow experience has been great for the four months I have been using this daily for hours. The one time I needed customer service they were amazingly fast at resolving my concerns which, in itself, makes the investment a five star value. I am writing this on Thanksgiving 2020 and will add my Easyflow to the many things I am grateful for during a very stressful COVID driven year.

Before EasyFLow I was wearing cloth masks because I could not tolerate the KN95. With EasyFlow I COMFORTABLY wear ONLY KN95 masks. Thanks to ordering a few extra adapters; I disinfect spray and rotate the mask out frequently.

BTW I no longer fear visiting a house with cats to which I am allergic nor was I too bothered by the client that smoked during the appointment.

EasyFlow, thank you for allowing me to confidently make a living in a high risk environment.

by Bruce E. on 2020-10-24

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